Seeing a child playing with a snake in a dream is a sign that someone or something evil is trying to befriend your child to cause harm to him. This person may either be a relative, a stranger, or a friend in sheep’s clothing. They are not who they seem to be.

A child playing with a snake in a dream

The snake may be calm or aggressive in the dream depending on the context of that dream. Since the child is playing with a snake in a dream, you may end up thinking the dream represents his love for nature. However, that is not the case.

This snake is an enemy trying to befriend your child to exploit his weaknesses and then launch an attack on him. Someone is being used to monitor your child or your life through your kid. Remember a snake will always be a snake and not a sheep. Don’t forget that reality! Despite how this enemy in the form of a snake presents himself to you, one thing will always remain true, that he is your enemy.

A child playing with a calm snake in a dream.

This dream represents an enemy who is disguising himself as being innocent and harmless to your child. Again, the enemy might be a friend, stranger, or relative who has mastered the skills of deception. (Matthew 10:36). Hence, he is capable of manipulating your kid and consequently taking advantage of him.

Remember the serpent in the garden of Eden. The snake presented itself to Eve as an innocent, harmless creature, and hence won her trust and befriended her. Little did she know that the serpent had already been possessed by Satan their enemy. As a result, the devil launched an attack by seducing Eve to sin by eating the forbidden tree.

Spiritual meaning of a snake attacking your child in a dream.

Seeing an aggressive snake attacking your child in a dream is a sign that the child’s life is in danger. There is a spiritual and physical attack launched by the enemy especially a witch to cause serious harm to him. Witches use snakes to cast spells, that is why you saw the snake in your dreams.

Pray for your child and dedicate to destroy such attacks from the enemy. These attacks are intended to spiritually poison your child, hence causing abnormal sicknesses, changes in behavior, and demonic bondages. Also, pray that God may expose every work of darkness and your enemies in the name of Jesus. (Isaiah 54:17).

For there is no enchantment against Jacob, no divination against Israel; now it shall be said of Jacob and Israel, What has God wrought!
Numbers 23:23

A practical example of this dream.

I remember having a similar dream. In the dream, I saw my sibling playing with a calm snake in our sitting room. He was caressing and carrying the snake around as if a toy. Then I stood up in the dream and said that I hated snakes because I knew what they represented. I then took hold of it and cut off its head, hence killing the snake.

This dream symbolized an enemy that pretended to be friendly to my sibling. Killing the snake in the dream was a sign of victory over this enemy.

What to do about the dream.

  1. Fast and pray to destroy these snake dreams since they are always associated with evil.
  2. Dedicate to destroy the snake dreams as well as dedicate your child to God for protection.
  3. Be careful of who befriends your child, lest they destroy his precious life.

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