When you see a giant raping you in a dream, it is a sign you’re under the bondage of a spiritual husband. These spirits defile you both physically and spiritually, putting your life under demonic oppression and cursing you with rejection.

A giant raping you in a dream

Since this demon is gigantic, this makes sexual intercourse extremely painful. The spiritual husband paralyzes you and rapes you violently in the dream. The process causes a lot of pain and brings rejection. Which woman after such a counter will ever desire to be with a man physically? Honestly, none.

You have to understand the concept of legal rights here. Once this spiritual husband lies with you, it gains access to your spirit and body. It also gains a legal right over you as you are defiled and under demonic bondage. This simply means you have become its puppet as it has full control over your life.


The legal right enables spiritual husbands to define your fate. They decide where you will live, who you will interact with, and your lifestyle. They also can bring poverty into your life and barrenness.

The giant raping you in a dream makes it impossible for you to ever get married. They destroy your life and bring pain and rejection.

A practical example of a woman raped by a giant in a dream.

A certain beautiful lady was delivered from the bondage of spiritual husbands by apostle Peter Manyuru of Jesus Teaching Ministry. During the Deliverance session, demons confessed that she had been raped by a giant in a dream.


This giant destroyed her private parts as the act was extremely violent causing intense pain. From that day henceforth, she was under bondage and sexually assaulted every night by spiritual husbands. Consequently, this act brought rejection pain poverty, and failure to our life.

What to do to be delivered.

  1. Pray to break every hold spiritual husbands and wives have on your life. God can deliver you if you only believe.
  2. Dedicate to destroy spiritual husbands and these dreams.
  3. Make sure to dedicate yourself to God for cleansing, sanctification, and protection.

Declare this short prayer of your life.

  1. From this day forth I decree and declare that my body belongs to Jesus and Him alone (2 Corinthians 6:8).
  2. I destroy every demonic stronghold and spiritual spouse torturing me in Jesus’ name. From this day I am free in Jesus’ name (John 8:36).
  3. I give Jesus Christ the legal right over my Soul, body, and spirit and I plead his precious blood over my life. I belong to Jesus.
  4. Every demonic power, catch fire in the name of Jesus and go to hell. Catch fire 7 times.
  5. My body is a living sacrifice an altar and temple of the Holy Spirit and not the dwelling for Demons.

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