Dreaming about slapping someone or being slapped often carries profound spiritual and biblical meanings. It represents correction, rebuke, humility, and the need for repentance in your life. Slapping in a dream symbolizes God’s guidance, wisdom, and discipline to steer you back onto the right path.

Biblical Meaning of Slapping Someone in a Dream

Key Takeaway

  • Dreams about slapping or being slapped are often associated with God’s correction, rebuke, and discipline in your spiritual journey.
  • They can represent a need for humility, repentance, and turning away from sin.
  • Slapping dreams may also reflect spiritual attacks, the need for self-control, or a call to stand firm in your faith.

Symbolic Meanings of Dreaming About Slapping Someone

  1. Correction and Rebuke: Slapping in a dream may indicate that God is correcting or rebuking you for your actions, attitudes, or choices that are not aligned with His will. It suggests that you need to examine your life and make necessary changes.
  2. Humility and Repentance: Being slapped in a dream can represent a call to humility and repentance. It may be a sign that you need to humble yourself before God, acknowledge your sins, and turn away from them.
  3. Spiritual Discipline: Slapping dreams often reflect God’s loving discipline in your life. Just as a parent disciplines their child, God disciplines those He loves to help them grow and mature spiritually (Hebrews 12:6).
  4. Spiritual Warfare: In some cases, slapping in a dream may symbolize spiritual attacks or opposition from the enemy. It can be a reminder to put on the full armor of God and stand firm in your faith (Ephesians 6:11).

Dream of Being Slapped on the Cheek

Dreaming of being slapped on the cheek often represents a test of your humility and obedience to God’s teachings. In Matthew 5:39, Jesus says, “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” This dream may be a call to follow Christ’s example of meekness, forgiveness, and non-retaliation.

Being slapped on the cheek can also symbolize the need to endure persecution or suffering for your faith. It may reflect the challenges and opposition you face as a believer, reminding you to remain steadfast and trust in God’s strength.

Dream Symbol


Right cheek

A test of humility, forgiveness, and non-retaliation

Left cheek

Enduring persecution or suffering for your faith

Both cheeks

Complete surrender to God’s will and trusting in His strength

Slapping Someone in a Dream

If you dream of slapping someone, it may indicate that you are harboring anger, resentment, or frustration towards that person. This dream can be a warning to control your emotions and avoid lashing out in your waking life. It may also suggest a need for assertiveness or setting boundaries in your relationships.

Slapping someone in a dream can also represent a desire to correct or rebuke others. However, it is essential to approach such situations with wisdom, gentleness, and love, rather than with a judgmental or self-righteous attitude.

Dream Scenario


Slapping a stranger

Unresolved anger or frustration in your life

Slapping a loved one

Need for better communication and conflict resolution

Slapping repeatedly

Lack of self-control or a spirit of rage

Dream of Slapping a Child

Dreaming of slapping a child can be a disturbing experience, but it often symbolizes a need for discipline, guidance, or correction in your own life or in the lives of those under your care. It may reflect your own inner child that requires nurturing, healing, or direction.

This dream can also represent your responsibility as a parent, mentor, or leader to provide loving discipline and instruction to those entrusted to you. It may be a reminder to lead by example and to train up children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

  • Slapping a disobedient child may indicate a need for firm but loving discipline in your parenting or leadership role.
  • Slapping an innocent child may reflect feelings of guilt, regret, or the need for gentleness and patience in your interactions with others.
  • A child slapping you may symbolize a lack of respect or authority in your relationships or a need to establish healthy boundaries.

Being Slapped by a Stranger

If you dream of being slapped by a stranger, it may represent unexpected challenges, opposition, or spiritual attacks in your life. This dream can be a warning to stay vigilant, guard your heart, and trust in God’s protection.

Being slapped by a stranger can also symbolize feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, or a sense of being caught off guard. It may reflect a need to build your faith, strengthen your spiritual foundation, and find your identity in Christ.

Dream Symbol


Stranger’s face is visible

A specific challenge or person opposing you

Stranger’s face is hidden

Unknown or unexpected challenges ahead

Multiple strangers slapping you

Feeling overwhelmed by various trials or attacks

Slapping a Demon or Evil Spirit

Dreaming of slapping a demon or evil spirit represents your authority in Christ and your ability to resist and overcome spiritual attacks. It may be a sign that you are effectively using the weapons of your spiritual warfare, such as prayer, the Word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

This dream can also symbolize your victory over temptation, sin, or demonic influences in your life. It may encourage you to continue standing firm in your faith, rebuking the enemy, and walking in the freedom and power that Christ has given you.

  • Slapping a demon once may indicate a specific victory or breakthrough in your spiritual battles.
  • Repeatedly slapping a demon may reflect ongoing spiritual warfare and the need for perseverance and consistency in your faith.
  • A demon slapping you may represent feelings of oppression, fear, or a need to resist the enemy’s lies and accusations more effectively.

Being Slapped by a Parent

If you dream of being slapped by a parent, it may symbolize feelings of guilt, condemnation, or a need for approval and affirmation. This dream can reflect unresolved issues from your childhood or a strained relationship with your parents.

Being slapped by a parent can also represent a sense of being disciplined or corrected by God, who is your Heavenly Father. It may be a sign that God is lovingly guiding you, even through difficult or painful circumstances, to help you grow and mature in your faith.

Dream Scenario


Being slapped by a father

Need for spiritual discipline or guidance

Being slapped by a mother

Emotional healing or nurturing required

Parent slapping in anger

Unresolved hurt or trauma from childhood

Slapping a Spouse or Partner

Dreaming of slapping a spouse or partner often indicates unresolved conflict, communication breakdowns, or a need for healing in your relationship. It may reflect feelings of frustration, resentment, or a desire to assert yourself in the relationship.

This dream can also symbolize a need for mutual respect, forgiveness, and understanding in your marriage or partnership. It may be a call to address issues with love, patience, and a willingness to work together towards resolution.

  • Slapping your spouse in anger may reflect a need for better conflict resolution skills and emotional control.
  • Your spouse slapping you may indicate feelings of being disrespected, unheard, or devalued in the relationship.
  • Repeatedly slapping each other may symbolize a cycle of hurt, unforgiveness, or a need for professional help and intervention.

Dream of Slapping a Friend

If you dream of slapping a friend, it may represent unspoken tensions, disagreements, or a need for honest communication in your friendship. This dream can be a warning to address issues before they escalate and damage the relationship.

Slapping a friend can also symbolize a need for accountability, tough love, or speaking the truth in love. It may reflect your desire to help your friend grow, even if it means having difficult conversations or confronting them about their choices.

Dream Symbol


Slapping a close friend

Need for honesty and open communication

Slapping an acquaintance

Unresolved issues or tensions in the relationship

Friend slapping you

Feeling betrayed, hurt, or misunderstood by your friend

Being Slapped in the Face

Dreaming of being slapped in the face often represents a blow to your pride, self-esteem, or reputation. It may reflect feelings of humiliation, shame, or a sense of being exposed or vulnerable.

Being slapped in the face can also symbolize a wake-up call or a need to face reality in a particular situation. It may be a sign that you need to confront the truth, even if it is painful or uncomfortable, and make necessary changes in your life.

  • Being slapped in public may indicate a fear of judgment, criticism, or a need to maintain a certain image or reputation.
  • Being slapped repeatedly may reflect ongoing feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt, or a need for healing and restoration.
  • Slapping yourself in the face may symbolize self-condemnation, regret, or a need for self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Slapping a Religious Figure

If you dream of slapping a religious figure, such as a priest, pastor, or prophet, it may represent your rebellion against spiritual authority or a questioning of your faith. This dream can reflect feelings of anger, disappointment, or disillusionment with religious institutions or leaders.

Slapping a religious figure can also symbolize a need for spiritual discernment, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of God’s truth. It may be a call to seek a more authentic and personal relationship with God, rather than relying solely on human intermediaries.

Dream Scenario


Slapping a priest or pastor

Questioning religious authority or teachings

Slapping a prophet

Resisting or rejecting spiritual guidance or correction

Religious figure slapping you

Feeling judged, condemned, or spiritually oppressed

Dream of Slapping an Enemy

Dreaming of slapping an enemy represents your desire to confront, overcome, or defeat opposition in your life. It may reflect your determination to stand up for yourself, your beliefs, or your values in the face of adversity.

Slapping an enemy can also symbolize a need for forgiveness, reconciliation, or releasing bitterness and resentment. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus teaches, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This dream may be a reminder to respond to your enemies with love, compassion, and prayer, trusting in God’s justice and protection.

  • Slapping an enemy in self-defense may indicate a need to establish boundaries, protect yourself, or stand firm in your convictions.
  • Slapping an enemy out of revenge may reflect unresolved anger, hurt, or a need for healing and release.
  • An enemy slapping you may symbolize feelings of persecution, oppression, or a need for spiritual strength and perseverance.

Slapping Someone in Authority

If you dream of slapping someone in authority, such as a boss, teacher, or government official, it may represent your frustration with power structures, rules, or limitations in your life. This dream can reflect a desire for autonomy, freedom, or a need to challenge the status quo.

Slapping someone in authority can also symbolize a need for wisdom, humility, and submission to God’s ultimate authority. It may be a warning to check your attitudes, motives, and actions, ensuring that they align with God’s will and purposes.

Dream Symbol


Slapping a boss

Frustration with work responsibilities or leadership

Slapping a teacher

Resistance to learning, growth, or correction

Slapping a government official

Disagreement with laws, policies, or societal norms

Being Slapped Repeatedly

Dreaming of being slapped repeatedly often represents ongoing feelings of persecution, oppression, or spiritual attacks. It may reflect a sense of being overwhelmed, worn down, or constantly battling against negative forces in your life.

Being slapped repeatedly can also symbolize a need for perseverance, faith, and trust in God’s protection and deliverance. It may be a reminder to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:11), stand firm in your faith, and rely on God’s strength to overcome the challenges you face.

  • Being slapped repeatedly by the same person may indicate a specific source of ongoing conflict, abuse, or oppression in your life.
  • Being slapped repeatedly by different people may reflect a sense of being attacked or criticized from various angles or a need for discernment and wisdom in your relationships.
  • Slapping someone else repeatedly may symbolize uncontrolled anger, a cycle of abuse, or a need for repentance and change in your own attitudes and actions.

Slapping a Hand

If you dream of slapping someone’s hand, it may represent a need for discipline, correction, or setting boundaries in a particular situation. This dream can reflect your desire to prevent someone from engaging in harmful, inappropriate, or unwise behavior.

Slapping a hand can also symbolize a warning, caution, or a call to pay attention to the consequences of your actions. It may be a sign that you need to be more mindful, discerning, and obedient to God’s guidance in your life.

Dream Scenario


Slapping a child’s hand

Need for loving discipline and guidance

Slapping an adult’s hand

Setting boundaries or preventing inappropriate behavior

Your hand being slapped

Feeling restricted, controlled, or corrected by others

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