Dreaming of volcanic activity is a sign of God’s wrath being executed or a warning of an actual eruption to come in the near future. The volcanic eruption is usually accompanied by massive lava flows leading to the destruction of property.

Dreaming of volcanic activity

The dream also represents uncontrolled anger that is about to erupt. This anger is likened to volcanic activity because of its impact on your life. We know of people who got angry and acted out foolishly even to the extent of committing murder.

The Bible talks of the end-time events which include wars, famine, and earthquakes. These earthquakes will result in deadly volcanic activities all over the globe including in places that have never had any signs of an active volcano. The volcanic activity in a dream symbolizes God’s judgment of a Christ-rejecting world. (Matthew 24).

This dream may be a sign of an actual event happening somewhere or one to happen in the near future. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to intercede to cancel such events lest lives and property be lost.

Most often God reveals to us in a dream events to come so that we may take action to either cancel them or usher them in. Remember God has given us the authority to bind and loose. (Matthew 18:18-20).

Lastly, dreaming of volcanic activity in a dream is a warning to prepare for evacuation, as this is a natural disaster destined to happen. Therefore, take caution in advance and evacuate to much safer ground before it’s too late. This dream intends to save lives and property.

Consider doing the following;

  1. Pray that God may show mercy on this land.
  2. Dedicate to change the course of the dream in the spiritual and physical worlds.
  3. If you are someone who struggles with anger, it’s high time for a change. Ask God to deliver you. Also, do a personal dedication for God to work on your character and heart.

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