The dream of fighting over a man symbolizes competition, jealousy, and power dynamics in a relationship.

Dream of fighting over a man

Dreaming fighting over a man reflects feelings of competition and jealousy in your waking life. This relates to a specific situation in which you feel that another lady is trying to take away a man that is rightfully yours.

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This dream might also reflect feelings of insecurity and fear of losing something you value in your life.

A dream of fighting over a man reflects your feelings of inadequacy in a relationship. In this context, the dream is a clear manifestation of your fears and doubts about your worthiness concerning the man in question, and your ability to hold onto the relationship.

The dream symbolizes power dynamics in a relationship. The man in the dream might be a symbol of control or power in your life. Hence, the dream is a reflection of your feelings concerning the balance of power in a specific relationship or in her life in general.

Consider the context and characters involved and the actions that happen in the dream. If the dream keeps recurring, it is wise to reflect on your current situation and emotions.

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