Dreaming of attending a wedding during a burial symbolizes conflicting emotions and interests. There is a conflicting aspect of your personality that also reveals your mood. You might be in the process of making a life-changing decision.

This excites you, while at the same time, it frightens you because of the risks, costs, or sacrifices required. The best way to understand the dream is by examining what is currently happening in your life.

Dreaming attending a wedding during a burial

The dream may also represent conflicting interests as you are not sure whether to attend the wedding or the burial. In your waking life, you are struggling to resolve a conflict of interest. To understand the dream, please try relating it to what is happening in your waking life.

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This feeling can also be compared to what Jesus experienced while He was praying. His spirit was willing to sacrifice while His body wasn’t. At the same time, he saw the glory that lies ahead after His suffering, but also His flesh was terrified of the pain He had to go through.

Dreaming of attending a wedding during a burial

You are experiencing joy and pain at the same time. A wedding is the most important date to a woman, hence it gives her extreme joy. On the contrary, burial is a sad experience due to the loss of a loved one. Your emotions in the dream are conflicting. In your waking life, you feel stranded.

When a pregnant woman dreams of attending a wedding during a burial, the dream reflects her emotions which are coupled with the joy of the incoming child, and also the fear of either losing the child- especially if she had miscarriages in the past- or the dream may also reflect her fear of the pain of giving birth.

Perhaps, you are in the wrong relationship and about to have a wedding. Then, this dream serves as a warning that you are entering into a trap that will forever ensnare you and eventually lead to your death (Probably, spiritual death).

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