Dreaming of Donald Trump

Dreaming of Donald Trump symbolizes a sense of patriotism and justice. Trump is a force for the good of mankind, he symbolizes God’s judgment on evil. We all know what Donald Trump stands for, his agenda which is contrary to the global elite’s agenda to dominate the world and oppress the poor.

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Trump represents the ultimate for against the Metrix and its influence on the world. This explains why the global elites hate him, and why they use their propaganda machines to silence him. He is hated because he supports the church.

Dreaming of Donald Trump winning an election

This symbolizes victory for justice. His victory is a sign of freedom from the oppression and control of global elites. It is a victory for the church against evil.

Donald Trump losing an election in a dream

This dream indicates the failure of the church in America, hence giving evil an opportunity to flourish. This is what happened in the 2022 elections. The church in America was asleep, which gave witches dominion over the nation. This was evident by the legislation passed after that election. Laws that are contrary to nature and the will of God.

Dreaming of Donald Trump imprisoned

This dream symbolizes the end of justice and corruption in the court systems to pervert righteousness. It is a clear indicator that the court systems are politically biased.

“The wicked accepts a bribe in secret to pervert the ways of justice.” 
Proverbs 17:23

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