Indigo, a deep, dark blue, is often associated with wisdom, intuition, and insight. Dreams bathed in indigo may suggest a deepening of your spiritual or intellectual understanding.

References of Indigo Color in The Bible

  1. The Robe of the High Priest: In the Old Testament, we encounter the color indigo in the context of the priestly garments. In Exodus 28:6, God instructs Moses to craft the ephod of the high priest with “blue (indigo), purple, and scarlet yarns.” This combination of colors represents the spiritual connection between heaven (blue/indigo), royalty (purple), and sacrifice (scarlet). Indigo, in this instance, symbolizes the divine wisdom and spiritual authority vested in the priesthood.
  2. The Vision of Ezekiel: The prophet Ezekiel had a powerful vision of God’s glory, often referred to as the “Vision of the Wheels” in Ezekiel 1. In this vision, he describes the “awesome crystal” expanse above the living creatures, resembling a “throne of sapphire (indigo).” Here, indigo symbolizes the heavenly realm and the divine majesty of God’s presence.

What is The Biblical Meaning of Indigo Color in a Dream?

  1. Divine Revelation: Dreams featuring indigo may be a sign of God’s desire to reveal hidden truths to the dreamer. Just as the indigo robe of the high priest symbolized spiritual authority, an indigo dream may indicate a call to deeper spiritual understanding.
  2. Spiritual Guidance: Indigo dreams may serve as a form of spiritual guidance, directing the dreamer towards a path of wisdom and insight. Just as Ezekiel’s vision revealed God’s glory, an indigo dream can reveal divine guidance and purpose.

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