Dreaming of a snake sleeping on your clothes is a sign of witchcraft and spiritual warfare against your life. Your clothes are used as a point of contact to bind you. The snake is used as a habitation for demons.

Dreaming of a snake sleeping on your clothes

Witches can bind you through a dream. What you see is the reality of what they are doing behind the scenes. They use your clothes, especially inner wares to bind your fertility and marriage. Marine spirits are sent to collect your panties, especially during the menstrual period. They then use your blood on the clothing to bind your life. Remember there is life in blood. (Leviticus 17:11).

There is a lady whose monthly periods were bound, such that instead of having normal blood flow from her vagina, she would nosebleed every end month. Her panty had been stolen by a witch and a snake was sleeping on it.

Seeing a snake sleeping on your money in a dream

This dream means your money is bound on an evil altar, hence bringing poverty into your life and family. That’s why I do not advise people to give money to anyone including some family members. Not everyone is a friend, beware of Judas Iscariot.

Seeing a snake sleeping on your hair in a dream.

Dreaming of a snake sleeping on your hair means your mind is being bound by a witch. This in turn affects your education, business, and every other dimension of your life because you can’t think straight.

Dreaming of a snake sleeping on your books.

Your books symbolize your education and brilliance. This dream reveals that your education is bound. This is the reason why some people experience a sudden drop in their performance at school, and even their character begins to change for no reason.

Biblical meaning of a snake sleeping on your certificates in a dream.

This dream reveals that your ability to get employed is bound. This explains why most bright students fail to find employment. They spend their entire life tarmacking and even if they find a job the money can not help them.

A snake sleeping on your nails in a dream meaning.

Your nails are dead cells from your hands and feet. And your hands symbolize your ability to make wealth, while your feet symbolize stability. Therefore, seeing a snake sleeping on your nails means your wealth, integrity, and stability are bound by your enemies.

Why do witches use your belongings to bind you?

These materials are used as a point of contact to enable your enemies to connect you to their demonic altars. They must use materials/ elements of nature and slaughter for there to be a transfer of whatever they need.

They perform satanic rituals such as animal or human sacrifice on your clothes, hence bounding you by evil blood covenants.

How to deal with these evil dreams and covenants.

Pray and plead the blood of the covenant of Jesus over your life and family. Also, fast as the LORD leads you. (2 Corinthians 10:3).

Dedicate to destroy these evil dreams and covenants on the altar of God. (Leviticus 20:27). Don’t forget to dedicate your enemies for destruction. (Leviticus 27:28). God is faithful and will fight for you and deliver you from the enemy’s snares.

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