Sleeping on your mother's bed in a dream

Seeing yourself sleeping on your mother’s bed in a dream may have different implications based on the context of that specific dream and your age as well.

Sleeping on your mother’s bed as a grown-up in a dream.

Naturally, it is forbidden for a grown-up to sleep in his parent’s bedroom. This dream is a clear warning that you are a source of interference in your parent’s marital affairs.

You are involving yourself in matters that don’t concern you at all. Which may bring harm to you. If you continue interfering with their affairs, then you may end up cursed in the process. That is why God is warning you to back off lest you bring shame and disgrace upon yourself.

It is wise to respect your parent’s privacy. Their bedroom represents the sanctity of the marriage bed and it should not be defiled by any means. Be cautioned!

Sleeping on your mother’s bed as a child in a dream.

When you see yourself sleeping on your mother’s bed as a child in a dream, it symbolizes your need for protection and nurturing. It is naturally normal for children to sleep in their parent’s bedrooms since they need constant attention and protection from their parents.

Sleeping in your parent’s bedroom while naked in a dream.

This dream should get your attention. It is a sign you are disrespecting your parents by exposing their nakedness. Remember Noah cursed his son for exposing his nakedness when he was drunk. (Genesis ).

It is a sin to sleep on your parents’ marriage bed while naked. This is the same bed they make love on, and hence you are defiling the sacredness of their marriage bed. Dedicate to destroy this dream.

What you need to do.

  1. Repent for being a cause of conflict between your parents.
  2. Also, repent for interfering with your parents’ marital affairs.
  3. Pray and dedicate yourself to God for sanctification.
  4. If you are living in the same single room with your parents, maybe it is time you consider leaving.

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