Someone chasing men away from you in a dream

If you are a lady and you see someone chasing men away from you in a dream, then this is a sign you are under the bondage of a spiritual husband. This demonic entity causes rejection and stagnation in your life. That is why you keep seeing someone chasing men away from you in a dream.

Spiritual spouse a possessive and extremely jealous. They tend to have a legal right over you if you were not saved, hence taking advantage of you sexually. Consequently, you can never get married. The spiritual husband creates or kind of havoc in your life making you undesirable to any man.

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If you are a man, then it is a spiritual wife that chases women from you. Consequently, making it difficult to ever be accepted by any woman. This also affects other aspects of your life.

There is a lady who was delivered from spiritual oppression at the altar of Jesus teaching ministry. The Demons confessed to chasing away suitors from her life as they had cursed her with rejection. They also confessed that a spiritual husband was behind this mess. The lady was then prayed for and delivered in the name of Jesus.

Do the following to be delivered.

  1. If you’re not born again today is the day. (Hebrews 3, Romans 10:9-10). Jesus Christ is the only solution to your problem.
  2. Make sure to pray and fast to destroy the power of a spiritual spouse.
  3. Dedicate yourself for protection as well dedicate to destroy the altar of spiritual spouses in your life.
  4. Give Jesus a legal right over your life by accepting him as your Lord and Savior. He will grant you the power to defeat this demonic oppression and be delivered from it.

Decree and declare this prayer over your life.

  1. I destroy every authority spiritual spouses have over my life in Jesus’ name Matthew 18:18-20.
  2. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over my life I break the Spirit of rejection and decree favor over my life.
  3. No adverse power as authority over my soul, body, mind, marriage, business, job education, and family. (Luke 10:19).

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