Seeing someone taking your shoes in a dream is a sign that there is an enemy who wants to bind your progress. They are targeting your feet. Your legs symbolize your stability and foundation in life; hence the enemy is binding you in stagnation.

Someone taking your shoes in a dream Christian meaning

This enemy may be a close friend, neighbor, or relative who seeks your harm as they are envious of your progress. The shoes are taken to a witch to perform a demonic ritual. Animals are slaughtered to seal the curse and money is also placed on the demonic altar to bind your financial gift. Consequently, putting you in indebtedness and poverty.

There is a certain lady whose relative took her shoes at night and then urinated on them and afterward went on a long call on them too. This was a satanic ritual performed to cause stagnation and rejection in her life. The relative went on and took the shoes to a witch in a different country to bind her stars and international gifting.

What to do to be delivered.

  1. Pray and fast for these spells to be broken in Jesus’ name.
  2. Dedicate your enemies for destruction as well as dedicate this evil dream.

Meditate on this prayer.

  1. Father deliver me from the snares of the enemy in Jesus’ name. (Psalms 91:3).
  2. Destroy every witchcraft pot in which my shoes and belongings are held and set me free. (Ezekiel 13:18-21).
  3. I plead the blood of the covenant of Jesus your son over my life and family and belongings.
  4. Whoever rises against me, may they fall and be shattered forever in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. (Psalms 68:1-3).
  5. LORD Jesus fight for me, save me, and restore my life in Jesus’ name. (Joel 2:25).
  6. May my enemies catch fire in Jesus’ name. shout fire seven times and believe in your heart that God Has done it for you.

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