When you see someone or yourself standing at a door in a dream it means you’re stranded, indecisive, someone is hindering you or something is distracting you from attending to what you desire.

Standing at a door in a dream

Dreaming that you are standing at a door reflects the decision-making process. It means you are struggling to solve an issue which in turn makes you stranded.

This dream may also reveal that someone or something is preventing your progress and it has become an obstacle.

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A door symbolizes an invitation, a path to destiny, and opportunities. Hence, if someone or something stands at your door, it is clear it is preventing you from opportunities.

Someone standing at your door in a dream.

Dreaming that someone is standing at your door represents an entity that is causing delay and stagnation in your life. You are stagnated as in that, an open door is before you yet you have no power to step inside to process your blessings. This person has hence become a potential hindrance to your progress.

Your fiancé standing at a door in a dream.

This dream reflects the state of the relationship. Your partner is not yet settled as they have not yet made a definite decision concerning this relationship. They are still indecisive as they are not sure whether to enter through the door or to walk away.

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The door in the context of this dream represents the relationship. Your partner is still at the stage of trying to weigh out everything before committing to the relationship. This is clear they have not yet made a commitment concerning the “us concept”.

Seeing your ex standing at your door in a dream.

This dream means your ex is hindering you from moving on. Despite the two of you breaking up, she is still an obstacle to your future relationships. That is the reason you find it difficult to approach someone else, and if you do, your ex disrupts the process. She is a thorn in your flesh as she does not give you a breakthrough.

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