A raven in a dream symbolizes unclean spirits and is associated with witchcraft. Ravens are classified among the unclean birds which God forbid His people from eating. In the spiritual world, a raven is a sign of evil and a bad omen.

a raven in your dream

Ravens are used by witches as monitoring spirits to spy on the lives of innocent individuals.

A black raven in the white house in a dream.

Dreaming of a raven on the roof of the white house or even flying around it is a sign of wicked and corrupted leadership. They can also indicate evil leadership in the land, especially if you see one in the statehouse in a dream. This proves that the person on the seat of governance acquired that position through witchcraft and demonic sacrifices.

These birds serve the same spiritual tasks as Owen and vultures.

Seeing a raven flying over your property in a dream.

When you see a raven flying over your house or property, this is an indication that your enemies are monitoring your steps. They are surveying your progress to launch a spiritual attack against your household and property.

This is an evil dream and therefore you must dedicate to destroy monitoring spirits in The name of Jesus.

Seeing a dead raven in a dream.

When you see a dead raven in your dreams, this is a sign of victory over your enemies. Their monitoring spirits have died and hence you are out of danger. Continue praying and fasting as well as doing personal dedication to protect yourself.

A black raven on the roof of a church in a dream.

Seeing a raven on the roof of a church is a sign that evil dominates this church and there is no truth in it. The evil may be a result of false doctrine and strange altars. A raven in this can also represent false teachers and prophets who are defiling the altar.

Seeing a raven on your neighbor’s roof in a dream

This dream reveals to you that your neighbor is under a spiritual attack from an evil altar. The raven is a monitoring spirit and it intends to cause harm to them. Therefore, pray and intercede on behalf of your neighbor for God to deliver him from evil attacks.

What does it mean to see a raven in your dream

Spiritual meaning of killing a raven in a dream.

Killing a raven in a dream is a sign of spiritual warfare. You are fighting spiritual authorities from the altars of witchcraft. Killing a raven in your dream also indicates your victory over the spirit of witchcraft as you have destroyed their monitoring spirits.

Burying a raven in a dream Christian dream meaning.

This dream should give you relief and joy as you have not only defeated your enemies but also killed and now you are burying them for good. The act of burying means that your enemies will never rise against you anymore. Just as Pharaoh’s army was buried in the red sea, never to rise.

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Chasing away ravens from your house in a dream.

This dream indicates your efforts to fight your enemies. It is a sign that your prayers are effective. You only need to continue persistently, until you receive a breakthrough. Remember, the life of a Christian is a battlefield and we don’t quit until it is done.

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