Your pastor praying for you in a dream Christian meaning

Seeing your pastor praying for you in a dream is a sign that God is delivering you. Your pastor is a spiritual authority in your life who ministers at the altar of God on your behalf. It is his duty to pray and intercede on behalf of the church. This was the same role the high priests were called for in the old testament, to minister to God on behalf of the congregation, the body of Christ.

The person you see in your dreams is not necessarily your pastor. They are the angels of God from the altar of your pastor who are sent to minister to you in your dreams. Remember angels are appointed for your sake as ministering spirits. (Hebrews 1:14). Therefore, the person you see is your angel who puts on your pastor’s face which is familiar to you.

This is a good dream because God is fighting for you and allowing His Spirit to intercede on your behalf when you are asleep. (Romans 8:26-27).

Your pastor encouraging you in a dream.

Other times you may see your pastor encouraging you and even instructing you in a dream. I remember a time I was discouraged and thought that I was demonic possessed. Then, my pastor appeared in my dreams during this season to encourage and strengthen me and assured me that I was not demonic possessed. However, I was in a season of testing. This gave me the strength and grace to persevere.

Dreaming of your pastor delivering you in a dream biblical meaning.

When you see your pastor delivering you in a dream, it’s a clear gesture that God is delivering you from your enemies or preparing for your deliverance. I know of people who had a dream where their pastors were delivering them from demonic oppression. The next Sunday, they were physically delivered from bondage in the church.

What should be your response to this dream?

  1. Make sure to dedicate the dream to God for protection and fulfillment at God’s timing.
  2. Consider doing a personal dedication, and giving an offering of Thanksgiving on the altar of God for His continual protection and guidance.

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