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Dreaming of visiting a patient in a hospital is a sign that God is prompting you to be interested to know about this person’s welfare. The patient may be a close friend, relative, or even a stranger. However, the person you are seeing in your dreams is their angel and not that individual.

Dreaming of visiting a patient in a hospital

This dream may be a warning that you have neglected your responsibility as a Christian to minister to this person. That’s why God has to remind you in a dream of what you should be doing.


The patient might be in their last stages of life and they are very sure they won’t make it out of the hospital alive. That is why you are seeing him calling you to visit him before it’s too late. He might have something special for you to hear before he leaves.

This dream may also be a sign that God is calling you into the healing ministry to attend to the needs of the broken and hurting. You need to pray and dedicate this dream for a clear revelation.


If the patient is a stranger, then this dream is a sign that God is calling you to minister to the physical and medical needs of people not known to you. God wants you to be their good Samaritan, to help them expecting nothing in return.

I once had a similar dream in which one of my new converts who had paralyzed legs, was requesting me to visit him and pray for him. I knew I had neglected my duty as a servant of God to his people.

It had been months since I had visited this person. I woke up that morning and visited him to fulfill God’s Will revealed to me through a dream.


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