Seeing your friend involved in an accident in a dream is a clear warning that you need to plead for his life as he is in danger. This is an event that will surely happen if you do not cancel it in prayer.

Your friend involved in an accident in a dream

God is giving you a chance to save a soul from perishing. Therefore, it is your high call to pray fervently and fast so that your friend’s life might be spared.


A practical example of a friend involved in an accident in a dream.

A certain pastor had a similar dream in which his old friend who had left the church, was being involved in an accident. In the dream, he saw this friend with another man having hit a tanker and died on the spot. The event had not yet happened physically but was already being manifested in the spirit world.

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He took the initiative to fervently plead for the life of his friend, lest he does as an unbeliever. As he was praying, God assured him that He will deliver his life as the pastor had devoted himself to intercede and plead mercy on his behalf.

Eventually, the man was delivered by the angel of the Lord. As they were driving something prompted him to stop by to buy some water. Little did he know that it was an angel who was saving his life. A few minutes later, another car was involved in a fatal accident. This man knew that God had saved them. Consequently, he amended his way and followed Christ.

The pastor’s prayer saved his life, so can your prayers too. Also, dedicate to destroy the power of such dreams in Jesus’ name.


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