Dreaming of hyena symbolizes a warning of impending danger, a symbol of manipulation and betrayal, mediocracy and adaptability.  

Dreaming of a Hyena

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What is the Symbolic Meaning of a Hyena in a Dream?

A Symbol of Deception:

When a hyena appears in your dreams, it often symbolizes deception. This sly creature embodies the concept of manipulation. Your subconscious may be urging you to be cautious of those around you who may not have your best interests at heart.

Reflections of Social Dynamics:

Dreaming of a hyena can also reflect the complex dynamics within your social circle. Just like the hyena’s hierarchical pack structure, your dream might be indicating power struggles in your waking life. Consider the roles you play and how they relate to those around you.


Warning Against Laughing at Misfortune:

Hyenas are infamous for their distinctive laughter-like vocalizations, often associated with misfortune. If you find yourself dreaming of a hyena’s laughter, it could serve as a cautionary message from your subconscious. Beware of deriving pleasure from the suffering of others, as it may ultimately bring negative consequences to your own life.

Dreaming of chasing a hyena

Chasing a hyena in a dream can represent a pursuit of a specific desire in your life. The hyena may symbolize an obstacle that you need to overcome to achieve your objectives. This dream may be urging you to keep pushing forward, even when the path ahead seems difficult or uncertain.


What does it mean to be attacked by a hyena in a dream?

Being attacked by a hyena in a dream might indicate a feeling of vulnerability and fear. The hyena may symbolize a particular situation or person in your life that makes you feel threatened.

This dream could be an indication that you need to address the source of your fear and take steps to protect yourself.

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Dreaming of feeding a hyena

Feeding a hyena in a dream can represent a need to let go of negative emotions and behaviors. The hyena symbolizes aspects of your personality that are cunning, and feeding it could be a sign that you need to acknowledge and release these negative traits.


Dreaming of a pack of hyenas

Seeing a hyena in a group in a dream represents a sense of belonging. The hyena may symbolize a group of people or a particular social setting in your life. This dream might be an indication that you are seeking connection and acceptance from others.

Taming a hyena in a dream

Dreaming of taming a hyena symbolizes a sense of control over a particular situation or person in your life. The hyena may symbolize a challenge that you have overcome, and taming it is a sign of your strength and resilience.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of a Hyena?

Dreaming about hyenas carries significant biblical meaning, intertwining spiritual symbolism, and warnings, some of which include the following:


A Symbol of Impurity and False Prophets:

In the Bible, hyenas are associated with impurity and falsehood. Leviticus 11:27 includes hyenas among the unclean animals, indicating their impure nature. This symbolism extends metaphorically to false prophets. Hence, this serves as a warning to beware of false teachings.

Representing Spiritual Predators:

The book of Psalms mentions hyenas metaphorically, highlighting their predatory nature. In Psalm 22:13, the psalmist laments, “Many bulls encompass me; strong bulls of Bashan surround me.” Here, the mention of “strong bulls of Bashan” depicts spiritual adversaries threatening the psalmist.

This may signify spiritual attacks in your life. Pray for protection and rely on God’s strength to overcome such challenges.

Signifying Ruin:

In the book of Isaiah, hyenas are associated with desolation. Isaiah 34:13 depicts a scene of judgment, stating, Thorns shall grow over its strongholds, nettles, and thistles in its fortresses. It shall be the haunt of jackals, an abode for ostriches.” Here, the mention of the “haunt of jackals” includes hyenas, symbolizing the consequences of disobedience.

The Call for Discernment:

In Matthew 7:15, Jesus warns about false prophets, saying, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” The ravenous wolf represents deceit. Similarly, dreaming of hyenas can indicate the presence of deceptive influences.

Stay rooted in God’s Word, seek discernment through prayer, and rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance to recognize and resist such influences.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Dreaming About a Hyena?

Dreaming of a hyena holds a spiritual significance linked to shadow integration. The hyena symbolizes the aspects of ourselves that we often suppress —the parts of us considered less desirable.


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