dreams about animals

Dreams about animals always reflect the different characters of various individuals. Each animal is unique and so are humans. By studying the characteristics of the animal in your dream you will get to understand what human trait the dream is communicating.

Some of these traits are universal, while others are based on a specific culture and personal experience. This is the reason I do not recommend dream dictionaries as in most cases they are biased. You can consider reading my guide on how to effectively interpret your dreams.

For example, cats are amazing cute animals, however, there are cultures where the dream of a cat is viewed as symbolizing witchcraft. Remember, dreams are meant to reveal or address your current circumstances in your waking life.


If you are a person that loves cats it is almost impossible for this dream to have any negative connotation. On the contrary, if you fear cats, the dream will be a reflection of your fears.

And if you are in a culture that believes that cats represent evil spirits, then, this is what your dream will be communicating, even though most of the time the symbolism is misinterpreted.

Biblical meaning of dreams about animal

In the Bible, animals are used in a symbolic way to portray a given message. The audience was aware of the character traits of each animal described in the scriptures, and they didn’t take the massage literally as they understood the symbolic implication. This style is highly deployed in the book of Daniel and Revelation.


The best way to explain it is by giving an example. A lady who was on the mission field wrote to me, and this was her dream.

Shalom, I dreamed that the pastor (director of another office) had taken in wild animals; a lion leopard, a bear, and a tiger. The lion was young and came close to me, but couldn’t bite me. But you could see that he was aggressively wild. I asked the director How come he had caught all these wild animals.

We are here on a mission where there is no church and we don’t get help. I asked the Lord if the other church members are honest and pure, and if the pastor knows, what does it mean?


This is what I had to say

The animals in your dream symbolize different characters of various individuals, especially the people you are working within the field. Some are wild, implying they are either not committed or they have their own agenda. 

These animals could also symbolize individuals you will be meeting or have met on the mission field. It is the same style Paul used when he warns the church of the coming ‘dogs’.

Philippians 3:2 Look out for those dogs [Judaizers, legalists], look out for those mischief-makers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh.

We see the same implication when the Bible refers to Christians as sheep, implying we are innocent. Also, when it refers to crafty and false brethren as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you dressed as sheep, but inside they are devouring wolves. [Ezek. 22:27.]

Dreaming of locusts

Dreams involving locusts generally symbolize a feeling of immense power, devastation, or an epidemic that has the potential to be destructive and difficult to control. Such dreams may suggest a sense of apprehension or unease about an imminent calamity.

Dreams about animals: Hyena

When you dream of a hyena, it can represent various things, including a cautionary message about imminent harm, an emblem of deceit or disloyalty, or an indication of personal evolution and development.

The hyena is recognized for its craftiness and scavenging habits, which often make it a symbol of fraudulence and guile. Across many societies, the hyena is linked with obscurity, giving it significant meaning within the realm of dreams.


Dreaming of Houseflies

If you dream about houseflies, it may indicate that you are experiencing annoyance towards someone or something in your life. The persistent buzzing and hovering of these insects can be extremely bothersome, similar to the constant presence of a nagging problem or person.

Houseflies appearing in your dreams could also signify deteriorating relationships. These insects are commonly found around garbage and decaying matter and may symbolize decay or decaying relationships in your life. This dream may serve as a warning that it’s necessary to release toxic relationships or negative behaviors that are hindering your progress.

Dreaming of animals: owl

If you happen to dream of an owl, it may signify a warning. Owls are renowned for their exceptional hearing, capable of detecting even the faintest of sounds. Therefore, the dream of an owl could suggest that you should listen attentively to those in your surroundings and heed any cautionary indications they may attempt to express.


Dreaming of a vulture

Having a dream about a vulture can be intriguing yet slightly disturbing. This bird is commonly linked to death and the more somber facets of existence, as it feeds on the carcasses of other creatures, consuming their decaying flesh.

Dreams about animals: Sheep

Sheep are commonly linked with notions of purity, innocence, and vulnerability. These gentle creatures symbolize our softer, more sensitive nature. If you dream of a sheep, it may serve as a prompt to embrace these qualities within yourself and to exhibit greater care and empathy towards others.

Dreaming of a monkey

Monkeys are often associated with curiosity and playfulness, and dreaming of one may suggest that you need to tap into your inner child and let go of seriousness. Additionally, as social animals, monkeys in a dream could indicate a desire for more social interaction.

Dreaming of a fox

A dream involving a fox may indicate that you are being manipulated by someone, or it could indicate your own resourcefulness in navigating challenging circumstances. Foxes are commonly linked with slyness and confidentiality, and if you dream of a fox prowling around, it may signify concealed aspirations that you are not completely cognizant of. Additionally, it could be a sign that you are excessively clandestine or that someone is withholding information from you.

Dreaming of a dolphin

The presence of a dolphin in a dream symbolizes a range of positive attributes such as freedom, creativity, communication, intuition, intelligence, protection, and guidance. These aquatic creatures are captivating beings renowned for their grace, intelligence, and playful demeanor.

Dreaming of a butterfly

Dreams featuring butterflies can be a striking and delightful encounter. This is a frequent motif in dreams and typically symbolizes evolution, alteration, and development. The butterfly is a fragile and elegant creature that undergoes a remarkable transformation, beginning as a modest caterpillar and ultimately emerging as a stunning winged insect.


Dreaming of a bat

Encountering a bat in a dream can evoke a sense of unease as these nocturnal creatures are commonly linked with obscurity, enigma, and the unfamiliar. The interpretation of their presence in a dream varies depending on the circumstances surrounding it.

Dreaming of a turkey

Dreaming of a turkey is frequently interpreted as a symbol of the abundance and prosperity that accompanies the holiday season. This is likely due to the association between turkeys and Thanksgiving and Christmas, where the sight of a cooked turkey as the main dish of a feast can embody the abundance of food and warm companionship that are typically associated with these festive occasions.

Dreaming of a squirrel

If you dream about a squirrel, it may serve as a prompt to collect your resources, establish order, and allocate time for leisure and enjoyment. Your subconscious could be trying to communicate the importance of taking proactive measures toward a more stable and favorable future.

Dreams about animals: Turtle

When you dream of a turtle, it is often interpreted as a representation of qualities such as wisdom, patience, longevity, and protection. Therefore, it may be beneficial to reflect on how these characteristics might be relevant to your present circumstances.


Dreaming of a zebra

To decipher the meaning behind animal dreams, it’s helpful to comprehend their distinctive qualities. A zebra appearing in your dreams can represent attributes such as harmony, individuality, uniqueness, freedom, resilience, and social connections.

Dreaming of a tiger

The sight of a tiger in our dreams is commonly interpreted as a sign of potency, fortitude, and bravery, along with reflecting our deep-seated primitive nature. It serves as a prompt to harness our inner resilience and valor to confront any challenges that may arise.

Dreaming of an eagle

To dream of an eagle is to evoke the qualities of strength and power that this majestic bird represents. With its keen vision, formidable talons, and impressive ability to soar to great heights, the eagle is a potent symbol of these traits. Such a dream can indicate that the dreamer also possesses a sense of strength and power in their waking life.

Dreaming of a spider

The appearance of a spider in a dream may indicate positive qualities such as creativity, patience, and resilience. Alternatively, it may signify negative emotions like fear, anxiety, or peril.

Dreaming of a Buffalo

The appearance of a buffalo herd in your dream could suggest that you require the power of a collective to navigate obstacles and accomplish your objectives. This may imply that you should seek out supportive individuals who can aid you in your journey.

Dreaming of a Caterpillar

Caterpillars are often linked with change and development since they undergo a metamorphosis to transform into a butterfly or a moth. As a result, dreaming about a caterpillar can be a representation of personal growth and transformation, encompassing both physical and emotional aspects.

Dreaming of a cow

Cows are often linked to agriculture, farming, and rural living. When they appear in dreams, they may represent abundance, fertility, and prosperity. Additionally, cows are recognized for their gentle and calm nature, which can symbolize peacefulness and harmony in dream interpretation.

Dreaming of a dog

The significance of dreaming about a dog can vary based on the dream’s circumstances. Dogs are recognized for being devoted companions, and they can embody diverse facets of our existence. They may indicate companionship, safety, allegiance, joviality, or even hostility.

Dreaming of a duck

The vision of a duck in a dream may symbolize adaptability since ducks are recognized for their proficiency in maneuvering through various bodies of water and landscapes. Thus, encountering a duck while asleep could imply that the dreamer should strive to be more adaptable in their everyday existence.

Dreaming of a goat

Typically, goats are connected with qualities such as obstinacy, fertility, and self-sufficiency. Additionally, their agility and ability to ascend steep landscapes with confidence are widely recognized. These characteristics may manifest in a dream featuring a goat.

Dreaming of a Kangaroo

If you dream about a kangaroo, it may indicate that you are in search of protection. Kangaroos are recognized for their protective qualities and represent the need for a safe and secure environment. If you are currently facing challenges, your subconscious mind may be attempting to express a desire for safety by bringing forth a kangaroo in your dreams.

Dreaming of a lion

The lion is commonly linked to attributes such as strength, power, and courage. When it appears in one’s dreams, it may symbolize these characteristics or the lack thereof. Dreaming of a lion could indicate that one needs to be more self-assured and bolder in their daily life.

Dreaming of a pig

When you dream of a pig, it could symbolize negative traits such as gluttony and uncleanliness. This means that the dreamer or someone else may possess these undesirable characteristics. Additionally, dreaming of a pig may indicate excessive and indulgent behavior, like overeating or overspending. It could also imply selfishness or greed, whether in oneself or in others.

Dreaming of a Rat

A Rat appearing in a dream can indicate notions of filth and illness, as well as feelings of apprehension and unease. However, it may also be interpreted as a manifestation of shrewdness, versatility, or ingenuity.

Dreaming of a snail

If you dream of a snail, it could symbolize your need for patience in life. Snails are known for their slow and deliberate movements, taking their time to reach their destination. This suggests that you may need to adopt a similar approach, taking things at a slower pace and enjoying the journey instead of rushing to your goal.

Dreaming of an antelope

If you dream about an antelope, it could be a symbol of quickness as antelopes are known for their speed and agility. Such a dream might indicate the need for you to become more decisive in your decision-making during your waking hours. Additionally, it could be a sign for you to pay more attention to the opportunities around you and take advantage of them before they slip away.

Dreaming of bees

If you dream of bees, it may symbolize hard work. Bees are known to tirelessly collect nectar throughout the day until they complete their task. Thus, such a dream could indicate that you should exert more effort and be more persevering in your daily routine.

Dreaming of an Ostrich

The symbolism behind dreaming of an ostrich suggests that we should confront challenging situations directly. Similar to how ostriches cannot evade danger by burying their heads in the sand, we must also face our fears and obstacles head-on to triumph over them.

Dreaming of an Elephant

The elephant is commonly linked with attributes of might, influence, and sagacity. Across various societies, this animal embodies good fortune and affluence. When dreaming of an elephant, it may indicate a longing for these virtues in one’s reality. Alternatively, it may signify that these characteristics already reside within oneself and require activation.

Dreaming of a chameleon

The chameleon is renowned for its skill in altering its coloration to match its surroundings, enabling it to expertly blend in and adjust to its environment. Therefore, dreaming of a chameleon might suggest a requirement for adaptability and flexibility in one’s life.


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