Dreaming of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Dreaming of pastor Chris Oyakhilome symbolizes a spiritual authority assigned to help you accomplish your divine purpose in life. Pastor Chris is the apostle of this dispensation and a man devoted to his call in Christ. This man is a superior spirit.

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Pastor Chris praying for you in a dream

Dreaming of Pastor Chris praying for symbolizes an angel from the altar of Christ Embassy that has been assigned for you. You might be in trouble or about to make the wrong decision and that is why your pastor is interceding for you. This is a sign that the Holy Spirit is interceding for you.


Pastor Chris anointing for you in a dream

In this dream, Pastor Chris symbolizes an angel that has been sent to give you a mantle for the ministry. You are receiving impartation to elevate you in the spirit for the kingdom’s sake.

Pastor Chris healing for you in a dream

When you dream of pastor Chris healing you in a dream, it is a sign that God is healing you and you should receive the healing by faith. If possible, you should also visit the church for a divine encounter.

This is an angel that takes the familiar form of pastor Christ to administer healing to your spirit and body.


Pastor Chris rebuking you in a dream

I remember dreaming of pastor Chris rebuking me. In the dream, I was neglecting my spiritual obligation as an intercessor, and so he rebuked me to help me align myself with the divine will of God.

From this day I knew that he had accepted me as his spiritual son. I thank God for the wisdom not to complain once I was rebuked.


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