Dreaming of prophet TB Joshua

Dreaming of prophet TB Joshua symbolizes an encounter with a superior spirit. TB Joshua was one of the renowned healing ministers and a sharp prophet to the nations. I have personally encountered him several times for impartation.

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TB Joshua anointing for you in a dream

When you dream of prophet TB Joshua anointing you in a dream, it simply indicates you are receiving divine impartation as a minister of the gospel to operate in the same capacity and even beyond. The same grace that was upon TB Joshua is released on you to function at a superior level in the spirit.

Prophet TB Joshua praying for you in a dream

Dreaming of Tb Joshua praying for you in a dream symbolizes an angel from SCOAN church sent to minister to you. The man passed away but he still lives. We know that to be absent in the body is to be present with The LORD. So, Christians don’t die, we live forever.

Prophet TB Joshua healing for you in a dream

Prophet TB Joshua was used mightily in the healing ministry. Therefore, seeing him healing you is a clear indication that God has made you whole, it’s up to you to receive your healing by faith.

Dreaming of prophet TB Joshua teaching you

Seeing TB Joshua teaching in a dream is a sign that God has ushered in the realm of the prophetic, and appointed an angel to assist you in your walk with God.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher, we may not see His form, but He can choose to reveal Himself to us through His faithful servants.

The dream may also be a sign of impartation from TB Joshua, to operate under the same grace he experienced, and even beyond.

Examples 1: I remember dreaming that I was later for a class, it was as thought I was taking some courses. Even though I was later, I realized prophet TB Joshua was seating next to me, and he offered to help me by teaching me what I had missed out on. He explained everything so well that it was easy even for a kid to understand it.

What does this dream mean? I was received impartation from TB Joshua to excell in my knowledge of Christ and His kingdom.

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