Fighting with your spouse in a dream may symbolize unresolved family issues, a broken marriage, conflicting interests in the marriage, or dissatisfaction as a couple. It may also be a warning of a true event in the future. I will explain each of these points below.

Fighting with your spouse in a dream

This dream is a true reflection of the state of your marriage. It reveals that there are unresolved issues between the couple which need immediate attention, lest you lose your precious marriage. These matters may include handling of family finances, unattended children, job conflicts, and other marital issues that seek your attention right away.


The dream reveals you are not on the same ground or pursuing the same family interests. One of the couples is acting out of selfish ambition and is not wholly devoted to the marriage. Hence, striking a marital conflict.

Fighting with your spouse in a dream may also be a warning of an actual event in the near future. Especially, if the two of you don’t resolve your differences and continue being faithful to the course.


God intends that you work on your marriage before it is too late to save it. He hates divorce and therefore is paving the way to save your wounded marriage relationship.

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Again, when you see yourself fighting with your spouse in a dream, it is an indication of dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment in the relationship. The marriage has turned out to be a disappointment as you can not find joy in it. This might have physically been contributed by many factors during the course of the marriage relationship. This may also be a result of over-dependency on your partner as a source of joy and fulfillment, rather than looking up to Christ who is the true source of joy. (Colossians 3:1-3).

What to do to save your marriage.

  1. Try to figure out which aspect of life is contributing to conflict in your marriage and the purpose to resolve it.
  2. Look up to Jesus Christ as your ultimate source of joy in your marriage and not your spouse because he/ she is just human.
  3. Commit your marriage to God by dedicating it for protection.
  4. Try to strike a compromise to be on the same ground.

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