When you see yourself or someone giving birth in a dream, it may indicate a breakthrough, the release of something, regeneration or transformation, miscarriage, and in the extreme case spiritual family, depending on your dream’s content and its unique context.

Giving birth in a dream

Naturally, giving birth is something that every woman appreciates as with the process comes out life and joy. However, this may be different in the dream world. Using this natural principle and biblical principles, it is easier to interpret these dreams.


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Giving birth in a dream indicates a breakthrough.

Pregnancy and childbearing are challenging processes and can be likened to other challenges we face in our waking life. These may include, financial challenges, a broken marriage, joblessness, and many more. Therefore, the process of giving birth in a dream is the equivalent of being set free from your troubles, and indicates an end of a challenging season, hence a breakthrough in life.

Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God.

Isaiah 66:9

Giving birth in a dream indicates the release of something.

The dream may simply indicate you need to release something or someone in your heart. Probably you have been bitter and in pain for a long time. Someone hurt you and you have been holding them in your heart, just like a woman holds her child in her womb for 9 months. The dream is a clear sign that it is time to let go and release this pain or whatever you are holding in your heart.

The dream may indicate transformation.

Naturally, pregnancy and childbearing usher a woman into parenthood, she is no longer a girl but a woman. There is that transformation from one stage to another. Based on this natural principle, the dream is a sign that your life is going through a dynamic change. You are ushered into a new level in your walking life.

Spiritual meaning of giving birth in a dream.

The dream may be a sign of demonic activity in your life, especially if you have been having sex with strangers in your dreams. The pregnancy is a result of the demonic sexual activities in your dreams.

Most often you will be dreaming of breastfeeding children in the spiritual world, while in walking life you do not have any kids. These are known as spiritual families. You are married to strangers who take advantage of you sexually in dreams to sire demonic children for them. What you are seeing is pure witchcraft. Pray against these dreams and seek deliverance. Dedicate to destroy such evil dreams in the name of Jesus Christ.

The dream may indicate a miscarriage.

If you are less than 9 months pregnant and experience such dreams, then the dream is an attack from the enemy to destroy your pregnancy. There is a difference between this dream and your mind preparing itself for the delivery process.


However, most women have reported having a similar dream before the miscarriage. They dream of giving birth to a dead baby, or something going wrong during the delivery process.

Sometimes having a similar dream when you are about to deliver your kid may just be a signal from your brain that your body is preparing itself for the final stage of pregnancy. These are just chemical messengers at work and therefore the dream has no spiritual implication. That is why it is important to understand the context of your unique dream. All dreams are different. It is good to understand the timing of your dream.


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