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Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby can symbolize the nurturing aspects of motherhood, the bond between a mother and child, the longing for motherhood, the need for emotional nourishment, and the need for self-care and self-nurturing.

Dreaming of breastfeeding

Dreaming of breastfeeding represents a longing for motherhood; a desire to have a child. This may be particularly true for women who are trying to conceive or who have recently experienced a miscarriage.


The act of breastfeeding in a dream may symbolize the longing to nurture a child, and the deep bond that exists between a mother and her baby.

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Another possible interpretation of breastfeeding in a dream is that it represents a need for emotional nourishment or support in your waking life.

This is true for individuals who are going through a stressful time in their life and feel a sense of vulnerability. The act of breastfeeding in a dream might symbolize your need for comfort, as well as the desire to be cared for and protected.

Additionally, dreaming about breastfeeding might also indicate the need for self-care. This could be particularly true for individuals who are feeling burnt out in their waking life and feel a sense of neglecting their own needs.

In this case, the act of breastfeeding in your dream might represent the need to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a crying baby

This dream might symbolize a sense of responsibility or a feeling of being overwhelmed with the demands of caretaking. It may also indicate a feeling of being needed in a specific situation or relationship.


Dreaming of breastfeeding a grown child

The dream is a sign of stagnation as this child in your dream is not maturing to take in solid food. The child in your dream is a reflection of yourself. This symbolizes a sense of longing for a past relationship or a desire to reconnect with someone from the past. It is time to move on and mature.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a strange baby

Most often this dream is a clear sign of the presence of a marine spirit in your life. There are women who constantly dream of breastfeeding strange kids, yet in real life, they are either barren or have marital issues.

This dream is not a reflection of the women’s desire to have kids, but it is a revelation of the cause of their problems.

Dreaming of breastfeeding while being watched

Even though breastfeeding in public is not an uncommon thing, this dream symbolizes a feeling of being judged by others. It may also indicate a feeling of vulnerability and self-consciousness pertaining to a specific situation.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby that refuses to feed

The dream symbolizes a feeling of rejection in a specific situation which eventually leads to feelings of disappointment.

You are trying every effort to nurture an area of your life, but the results seem to be undesirable despite the effort and resources you have invested in.

Dreaming of breastfeeding while feeling happy

This dream symbolizes a sense of fulfillment in your waking life as whatever you have been pouring your heart and effort into is eventually producing results.

Dreaming of breastfeeding multiple babies

The dream might symbolize a feeling of being pulled in multiple directions or simply being overwhelmed with responsibilities.

In your waking life, you are trying to achieve several goals that require your full devotion just as a breastfeeding baby would. By the end of the day you end up being exhausted and burnt out.

For your health benefit run each project separately or hire someone to help you.

Dreaming breastfeeding in public

The dream reflects a feeling of vulnerability as you think you are being evaluated by others. This might not be a huge problem as mothers can breastfeed their kids anywhere. However, how they do it matters. Again, not every woman is comfortable showing their beautiful breast and nipples in a public setting.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a premature baby

The dream indicates a critical aspect of your life that needs more attention as it is undeveloped and vulnerable. Remember, dreams are a reflection of what is currently happening in your waking life.

Try to evaluate which aspect of your life needs more focus and attend to it.

Dreaming of breastfeeding an animal

If you are a person that loves animals this dream is a clear reflection of your desire to protect and nurture them.

On the other hand, if you have no connection to animals, the dream might be a warning that you are entertaining the wrong influence in your life. For instance, if you are a person who gets angry easily, this dream is a call to stop feeding the beast of anger as it is destroying you.

Dreaming breastfeeding an adult

This is a sign you are being taken advantage of. You are giving yourself to the wrong person who is actually a parasite in many ways.

For example, you might be in a relationship where your partner is taking advantage of you without your knowledge. It seems you are the only person investing in this relationship, while the other person is busy doing what they like.

Biblical meaning of breastfeeding in a dream

In the Bible, breastfeeding is often used as a metaphor for God’s provision for his children. In Isaiah 66:11-13, God speaks of Jerusalem comforting and nursing his people like a mother comforts and nurses her child.

“Be glad for Jerusalem and rejoice over her, all who love her. Rejoice greatly with her, all who mourn over her — so that you may nurse and be satisfied from her comforting breast and drink deeply and delight yourselves from her glorious breasts.” Isaiah 66:10-11

Again, breastfeeding in the Bible can also symbolize the idea of spiritual nourishment. In 1 Peter 2:2, the Bible speaks of “desire the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.” This passage emphasizes the idea of nourishing your spiritual life through reading and understanding the scriptures.


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