Seeing someone scooping soil you have stepped on in a dream is a sign that the person intends to bind your life. The soil is then taken to a witch to be used as a point of contact to cast spells against your life and family.

Someone scooping soil you have stepped on in a dream

The soil might be scooped on your way to work, on your compound, or in your business. Each of these has its significance, as they are used to build different aspects of your life.

What does soil represent in a dream?

Soil, which is also called earth symbolizes productivity, yield, wealth, fertility, and material of creation. God formed man from the dust of soil. (Genesis 2:7). Again, we produce crops from fertile ground, and therefore your yield is determined by the soil’s fertility. (Numbers 13:21).

Soil or the ground symbolizes wealth. Land has the highest value among other assets as its value appreciates over time.

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The ground can be used as a contact point to cast spells. In Genesis 3:17, God cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin, consequently making man’s life unbearable. The curse also caused the soil to yield thorns instead of fruits.

Witches know this secret and use soil to bring harm to innocent people. This in turn makes your life barren like a wasteland.

Someone scooping soil on your farm in a dream.

This dream means that your ability to be fruitful in life is bound. No matter how hard-working you are, you will never succeed unless God delivers you from this spell.

The dream can also be a revelation that your physical farm is bound and that it may never bring you yields. This spell destroys your produce through pests and diseases which leave the land barren.

Someone scooping soil in your compound in a dream.

This is a sign that your enemies are planning to bind your family. Everyone who stepped on your compound, especially relatives, ends up under the same curse.

What happens is that the witches after scooping the soil, speak all kinds of curses on it, perform demonic rituals on the soil, and then seal the evil covenant with blood.

Dreaming of someone scooping soil in your business premises.

This soil is connected to your territorial authority, the profit you make, and your business progress on this land of operation. Seeing the soil being scooped in a dream is a sign of a spiritual attack against your business. Most people after having this dream end up closing their businesses due to bankruptcy caused by indebtedness.

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Please consider doing the following.

  1. Pray to cancel this evil dream and its spiritual authority.
  2. Make sure to always pray and anoint yourself before walking out of your house. Many things happen while we are asleep. That is why it is important to command your day through prayer and break every evil covenant pronounced against your life by witches.
Isaiah 54:17
No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.
  1. Dedicate to destroy every spell and also dedicate your business and family for protection.

Declare these words over your life.

  1. No work of Darkness spell curse shall ever be for me in Jesus’ name as I am protected and covered by the blood of Jesus my King and Savior. (Matthew 18:18-20).
  2. The ground or soil shall be forever blessed for my sake to bring me yield at each season and create wealth for me in Jesus’ name.
  3. I will prosper on the land which the Lord my God has given me as an inheritance.

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