When you see someone trying to sneak into your bedroom in a dream, this is a sign that an enemy is trying to interfere with your marriage. The bedroom has a spiritual implication of being sacred and a ground for marriage to flourish. It simply symbolizes marriage and intimacy.

Someone trying to sneak into your bedroom in a dream

The stranger trying to sneak in is an enemy or demonic entity who wants to wreck your marriage. It may be someone who wants to monitor your marriage to bring division into the family.

It may also be a warning especially if one of you is living in sin that you are giving Satan access into your marriage. The spirits might be spiritual spouses who you are giving room into your lives through acts such as adultery and watching pornography.


The bedroom also symbolizes the place where family decisions are made by the couple. Hence, someone is trying to spy on you as a couple to know your plans and use them against you.

This dream is revealing someone who is trying to come in between you as a couple to cause division and consequently divorce. This can be another woman who seeks to steal your spouse from you or vise versa.

What to do.

  1. Dedicate to destroy this dream and also devote your marriage to God as sacred for protection.
  2. Pray and fast for God to expose this person and to cancel the power of this dream.

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