Dreaming of pooping symbolizes a circumstance that brings shame in your life, being uncomfortable about something, relief as you are getting rid of something, a disgusting situation, or your habits.

Dreaming of pooping biblical meaning

If you dream of pooping and it is disgusting, then you have some negative situation that you have to get rid of. If you dream of pooping and you are relieved, then you are getting rid of something that makes you feel bad. If you dream of pooping and you are enjoying it, then you are getting rid of something that you just don’t need.

Below are the different types of meanings of dreaming of pooping:

Biblical meaning of dreaming about pooping on your spouse.

Dreaming about pooping on your spouse can be a sign of blame-shifting as you don’t want to admit your mistakes in the relationship or hostility if the dreamer feels that they have been wronged by their spouse. It can also symbolize rejection on the part of the person to whom the action is performed hence, your spouse feels neglected and not given enough attention.

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Dreaming of pooping in a swimming pool.

Dreaming of pooping in a swimming pool has two possible interpretations, it signals that your actions will affect other people indirectly, such as discouraging them, the same way pooping in an actual pool will discourage others from using it.

This dream reflects your selfish attitude and actions which are meant to deprive others of their rights. You may have crossed some boundaries and it’s time to stop but you don’t dare to do it.

The dream might also be a metaphor for a struggle to claim your territory or dominion, the same way animals will poop or urinate on the ground to mark it as their territory. Try to reflect on what is happening in your waking life and relate it with the dream to get the best results.

Biblical meaning of dreaming of pooping in a bag.

Dreaming pooping in a bag means you are trying to use a shortcut to get rid of your mistakes, but this will eventually backfire, as the bag- which is symbolic of an unworthy means depending on the material- can not hold your mess for long, it will eventually explode, or rot and your efforts will be proven futile.

Dreaming of pooping at a party.

The dream indicates that your social status is low in the real world and that you are a careless individual who doesn’t think of his actions. Perhaps in your waking life, you are trying to prove something just to get acceptance and fit in a certain group, but your efforts bear no fruits, instead, you create a scandal out of it. The truth is that you don’t need to prove anything to anybody, be humble and live a simple life. Why complicate your precious life?

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Dreaming pooping in public.

This dream has several meanings and the interpretation depends on the context of the dream. If you dream about having to poop in a public restroom, you are feeling some shame as your deep dirty secrets have been exposed. You may feel that you are being judged by your peers and you are embarrassed by what you have done.

Dreaming of pooping can be disturbing for someone who is not aware of the meaning behind the dream. For instance, if you are dreaming of pooping and you are a public figure, it means that you are about to share something that will bring shame to your life.

You may be embarrassed by the circumstances of your life, such as being unemployed and hence a burden to your parents. You may have done something that you regret in the past and this is causing you to feel shame.

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Dreaming of cleaning poop.

Dreaming of cleaning poop can mean that you are trying to clean up your act, but you are finding that it is difficult to do. This is a situation that will pass, and you will feel better when it does. Perhaps, you mistreated a loyal friend or your spouse and blamed them for your own mistakes.

Now you feel guilty and want to make things right, that is why in the dream you are cleaning off your mess, as you have acknowledged your mistakes and you want to make things right.

Wanting to poop in a dream.

The dream may reflect an actual physical need; hence the dream is a response or an alert to what your body needs. Your subconscious mind is communicating to you a physical need to relieve yourself. Most often after waking up you will find yourself wanting to visit the washrooms.

Remember, a dream that you are pooping can mean many things. If you dream of pooping and it is disgusting, then you have some negative situation that you have to get rid of. If you dream of pooping and you are relieved, then you are getting rid of something that makes you feel bad. If you dream of pooping and you are enjoying it, then you are getting rid of something that you just don’t need.

Biblical meaning of pooping on someone in a dream.

This dream may indicate that you are destroying another person’s reputation. Perhaps in your waking life, you are having differences with this person, and hence you chose to expose their secrets to the public, soiling his/ her image. The dream may also mean you are blaming someone for something they might not have done and you do not have enough evidence to prove them guilty.

Dream of diarrhea.

Dreaming about diarrhea is likely a reflection of feelings about your waking life and a sense of relief. If you are experiencing a lot of stress in your waking life, diarrhea in your dream may represent a physical release of this tension. On the other hand, if you have experienced diarrhea in real life, you may be dreaming of this situation in an attempt to resolve it.

Again, the dream of diarrhea can also indicate that you are troubled by a persistent situation that makes you feel ashamed and puts you under a lot of pressure. The dream is your way of coping with the problem and the aftermath of the situation. More than likely the dream is related to a problem that you are having with a relationship that is currently sour or a job puts you under extreme pressure and frustration.

You may have been having a problem at work or you may have fought with your spouse. You are trying to cope with this situation but it seems impossible like uncontrolled diarrhea, hence the issue is getting out of hand.

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Dreaming of pooping on yourself.

When you poop on yourself in your dream it may mean you are feeling shame or embarrassment about something you are doing or have done. Changing your life, whether it be your relationships, jobs, homes, or activities, can cause you to feel like you are losing control of your life or that you are about to be embarrassed.

Often, when we have a dream that we poop ourselves, we are afraid of being embarrassed in front of others. This dream can be a warning to stop what you are doing and think carefully about your actions or where you are going. If you dream that you are going to poop yourself, it can also mean that you are worried about something embarrassing happening in your life.

Continuous pooping in a dream.

Continuous pooping in a dream means that you are suffering from a chronic condition that you have been trying to suppress for a long time. You will feel great relief once you finally get rid of it. The condition may be a person who is trying to influence your life or a feeling of inadequacy. It is quite possible that you can no longer control your feelings or that you feel you have been forced to do something that goes against your values.

Again, continuously pooping in a dream means also mean you are being overcome with something that will cause you shame and a lot of stress. You don’t have the power to stop whatever is happening in your waking life. Dedicate to destroy this dream.

Dreaming of watching someone poop.

Dreaming of watching someone poop indicates that you are violating that person’s privacy, it can also indicate you have someone in your life that is disgusting to be around.

Dreaming of watching someone poop can be a sign of your disgust with yourself, as the person in the dream can be a reflection of yourself. You might be ashamed of something you have done. It’s a good idea to analyze your emotions and figure out if you are feeling guilty about something.

If the person is glad pooping, then, the dream may also symbolize the individual’s effort to get rid of certain aspects of his/ her personality, or things they do not need in life. On the contrary, if they are straining to poop, it indicates a critical challenge they are currently facing in their waking life. If the person is pooping in public, it simply represents that his secrets will or have been revealed to the public hence making him/ her uncomfortable.

Dreaming about pooping your pants spiritual meaning.

Pooping your pants in a dream represents something relating to your emotions that you don’t want to admit, and as a consequence, it messes you up. It usually means that you are feeling a bit unclean about some aspect of your life, but feel a sense of relief for “getting it out of your system.”

It can also have the double meaning of an embarrassing situation that you have been holding for a long time, and eventually, you feel a sense of relief to get out of, even though not in a comfortable manner.

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Dreaming of pooping through your mouth.

This dream is likely a play on words as the word “mouth” is often synonymous with the word “spoken.” It is also a play on words of the word “mouthing off” as you are popping out of your mouth. There is a lot of shame and disgust behind this dream.

You feel that you have said something that you should not have. You are getting rid of something that you do not want to speak about. You are relieved because you are not going to be “mouthing off” anymore.

Be careful with what you say with your mouth. The fact that poop is coming out of your mouth is a sign that you have been speaking a lot of negative things about yourself and others, or you are presumptuous with your speech and you don’t care if you hurt others with your words. It may also be a warning that you need to stop using vulgar language. (Luke 6:45, Matthew 12:34)

Matthew 15:18-19
But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.

Dreaming of pooping in a toilet.

Dreaming of pooping in a toilet means: We do not like to talk about our bowel movements. It’s something we want to keep under wraps, at least most of the time. This dream could also suggest that you are ready to release something that you have been holding on to.

Another interpretation is that you are ready to take care of some unpleasant matter. It can also reflect a sense of confidence dealing with your private issues, because you are pooping in the right place, hence detoxicating yourself in a safe and ideal way unlike doing it in public.

Spiritual meaning of wiping your poop in a dream

Dreaming of wiping your poop may indicate that you are trying to get rid of something that is causing you shame. You are trying to clean up your act so to speak. This could be related to a personal relationship or other matters. You may feel that your reputation is being maligned, and you are trying to get out of a sticky situation.

It might symbolize you are feeling a sense of guilt or shame about something that you have done or said in your waking life. The very act of wiping the feces is a symbol of trying to clean up or remove this guilt. You may be feeling that you need to make amends for something, or you may be trying to hide something that you are ashamed of.

If you are cleaning up poop in your dream, it suggests that you are doing something distasteful, but necessary. You need to have an unpleasant conversation, or you will do something that embarrasses you, but by the end of the day will prove worth it. Try using the DAESI dreamwork method to get the most relevant dream interpretation.

If you dreamed of wiping your friend’s poop, then it means that you are helping him/ her cope with an unpleasant circumstance such as divorce, a breakup, failure, or shame. If you dreamed of wiping the poop of some other person, then it indicates that you are trying to help him/ her get rid of a messy situation.

It might be possible that the dream is rooted in a more literal sense, such as experiencing digestive issues or perhaps dealing with a health-related condition. Hence the dream is an expression of the anxiety you feel.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep a dream journal and write down any recurring dreams, along with the emotions and thoughts that you had the day before. This will help you to identify the origins of your dreams and what they represent in waking life.

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