Dreaming of feces being smeared on your head

Dreaming of feces being smeared on your head is a sign of rejection. The enemy has sent a spirit of rejection into your life. This happened the moment you saw it in the dream. It is up to you to take the initiative to destroy this evil dream.

I once saw a lady being delivered from the same at the altar of Jesus Teaching Ministries in Nairobi Kenya by Apostles Peter Manyuru.

The demons confessed how witches had applied feces on her head to curse her with rejection. From that time men used to leave her a few days after proposing to her.

The reason was she literally began smelling like feces, even though she didn’t realize it. She always wondered why people rejected her, yet she was very beautiful.

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The reason why most beautiful ladies never get married is because of either the spirit of rejection or marine spirits sent to them as spiritual husbands. The same happens to men.

The spiritual meaning of feces being smeared on your head.

Naturally, feces produce a terrible smell. Hence this makes more sense in that spiritual feces can cause spiritual and physical rejection. No one wants to stay close to that smell. You become a source of discomfort in people’s lives.

This rejection affects not only your marriage but also your job. It makes it almost impossible to acquire employment of any form.

There is a woman who her husband hated claiming she used to smell every time they went to bed, hence turning him off.

During deliverance, demons confessed they had been sent to put rejection in her life to destroy her marriage. This caused a lot of strife in the marriage. It had affected her husband’s job as well.

What to do after having this dream

  1. Please make sure to dedicate this evil dream for destruction immediately. Then pray and fast to seek God’s mercy and protection.
  2. Above all, if you have never received Jesus Christ as your Lord, do it today. (Romans 10:9-10, Hebrews 3:7-8). Don’t harden your heart.

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