Seeing your hair being shaved in a dream

Seeing your hair being shaved in a dream is a form of attack on your mind. It is also a sign of witchcraft against your life. Your head- where your hair resides- symbolizes leadership and authority, perception, the seat of governance where crucial decisions are made. Your mind is the target of such a dream.

Most people after having this dream, have turned mad. They were cursed with a spell of madness. After such a dream, you will wake up with a severe headache, which persists over a long period. If not dealt with, it may lead to brain cancer or other diseases, hence resulting in madness.

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After shaving you, these witches put the hair in a pot where a snake lies on it. Consequently, binding your mind. This explains why most men leave their families and never come back. It is not because they had conflicts with their wives or even hate their families, but because their brains are bound.

By cutting your hair, witches may also bind your education, job, and other aspects of your life. Please, pray to destroy these attacks and dedicate them to destruction. Consider doing a personal dedication too for your protection. God is faithful and will protect you from the works of darkness.

I know several people who had the same dream and ignored it. They ended up losing their belongings and others, their spouse went missing to this very day.


How to deal with this type of dream

  1. Consider praying and fasting as long as The Spirit of God leads you.
  2. I appeal to you, please dedicate this evil dream to destroy it for your safety.

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